The Chateau de Manehouarn is a chateau owned by the Lowell-Brittany family. It is in the Principality of Brittany, near the small town of Plouay.


The Chateau de Manehouarn was built sometime in the first half of the 17th century, by the first Prince of Brittany, Louis Philippe. He was the younger brother of Empress Anne and granted the title on his sisters' reign. He commissioned the small building as a private retreat from the Imperial court. It was constructed using sandstone which was transported to the site. The interior was originally decorated with late renaissance style furniture, it would be a relatively informal residence nevertheless.


The small chateau has been the private retreat of the Lowell-Brittany Princes from Louis Philippe on. It was the place of birth for many Princes. It would be reworked by Jean-Baptiste de Cessart, under the order of Auguste III de Bretagne in 1739. He would also have the new interiors and furniture added, to fit the court style of Louis XI.

The Chateau is the location of several notorious murders. It is rumoured to be cursed by local peasants. In September and October 1744, it was the location of at least two murders; Monsieur le Duc and his wife. Including the attempted murder of another individual, Madame Premiere.