The Chateau de Saint-François is a residence situated in the Duchy of Nassau, North-East of the Capital City. The Chateau is 97 years old, with a number of alterations since initial construction. The Chateau was originally property of House Nassau, but was sold to the Duke of Montpensier in 1751 to pay off debts.



The Chateau was commissioned in 1684 by Cardinal Hyacinthe François of Vosges as a private residence for the House of Nassau. The Cardinal wished for a grand residence, and ordered the Chateau to be built and styled in the latest architecture styles. Louis Alois le Voie was recruited to the cause, and he became the primary architect of the Chateau.

The Chateau was built over a period of nine years, from 1684 - 1693. The construction was long and tedious, having many roadblocks along the way. The unforgiving landscape originally surrounding the Chateau was a problem for the gardeners and the harsh weather of Nassau also delayed construction over strong winters. Cardinal Vosges held the Chateau from completion until his death.

Under Cardinal Lorraine

Cardinal Etienne Henri de Nassau received the Chateau following the death of Cardinal Vosges. He had multiple alterations of the Chateau completed during the time he owned it, most notably the additions of new furniture and more decorative items inside. No major renovations were done to the outside during his ownership of the Chateau. Following his execution, it passed to Duchess Marie Jeanne, who almost instantly sold it to the Duke of Montpensier to repay debts.

Under the Dukes of Montpensier

The Dukes of Montpensier bought the Chateau in 1747 and it soon became the main residence of House Montpensier. Louis Henri, Duc de Montpensier, modified the interior of the Chateau minorly. It was then passed to Philippe Charles, who changed very little of the Chateau, perhaps minor decorative items inside. It was then passed to Henri Francois, who began a major interior refurbishment in 1781, finishing with updated furnishings inside. The Chateau remained preserved during the revolution of 1781.