Hélène Béatrice de Grandelumiere (2nd February, 1732 - 18th January, 1733), is the fourth child and second daughter of Monsieur le Dauphin, Louis Emmanuel, and Madame la Dauphiné, Marie Philippine.

Reign of Louis XI - Mademoiselle de Dauphiné

Hélène Béatrice was born at the Imperial Palace of Château de Saint-Etienne. Her birth was a semi-private affair, having only a few courtiers attend, one of them being Louis XI. After recognizing the child's sex, His Majesty would quickly give the child her title and then leave the room.

Béatrice was born a very large baby, but would bare fragile health, catching a cold at about two months of age. She would recover from the illness, to her parent's relief. Madame la Dauphiné could be seen visiting the infant often, much to His Majesty's dislike. Her continuous visits to the infant would fade when the Dauphiné became pregnant with her fifth child.

In January of 1733, Hélène Béatrice would fall ill to tuberculosis, ultimately resulting in the infant's own death. Her passing would cause much sorrow for her Mother. Monsieur le Duc, Madame's brother, would attempt to console her with the fact that Hélène was still an infant at her death and the Dauphiné could not have grown an attachment to her in such a short time. Madame replied only;

"Don't forget that she would have been my friend."

Styles, Titles, and Honours

  • 2nd February, 1732 - 18th January, 1733 Mademoiselle de Dauphiné


  • Order of Saint Marie from the 2nd February 1732