Henri Antoine de Grandelumiere (December 17th,1728-Present) is a Grandelumierian noble and the fourth child and third son of the Prince de Bourgogne and the Princesse de Bourgogne. He is the quietest of his five siblings and the shyest.

Reign of Louis XI - Monsieur de Bourgogne

Henri Antoine was born on December 17th of 1728 in the Chateau du Lillemont. His birth was not celebrated much as he was not very important but his parents were content to have another son. When he was born he was known as a very quiet and gentle baby. His two oldest siblings adored him and as he grew they all grew close together. His father acknowledged him and doted on all his children but favoured his two eldest. Henri did not mind at all and kept his quiet and shy demeanour as he grew up. He attended court,barely speaking and simply agreeing with everyone. He enjoyed staying in the shadows and not getting much attention as he was very shy. He enjoyed being an Imperial in his grandfather's court however and enjoyed his reign much.

Regency of Sophie - Monsieur de Bourgogne

When his grandfather left, not much changed for Henri. His bond with his two oldest siblings was weakened for a while everyone adjusted to the new regency. Henri was mainly unbothered by his circumstances until rebels attacked. He learned that Nassau had been burnt to the ground and that his uncle was behind it all. He shunned his uncle and toned down going to court but still went. It is said he caught the eye of some noble women but he denied having any affairs. He mainly focused on practising his military and politicl knowledge and helping his family.

Titles and Styles

-17th December 1728 - Present His Highness, Monsieur de Bourgogne