House Grimaldi d'Orange is the former ruling house of Monaco until its absorption into the Empire of Grandelumiere. From then, the house was part of Grandelumiere, retaining the Principalities of Monaco and Orange, and the Barony of Sabran, securing an income from these Estates, while also holding the previous titles as Titres de Courtoisie.


House Grimaldi d'Orange existed as a result of the merge of House Grimaldi, the sovereign House of Monaco, and House Orange, the house of the Principality of Orange in Grandelumiere. Marie Hippolyte, the last of her immediate family, was the final independent Princesse d'Orange before the merge, joining with Chretien-Louis de Grimaldi de Monaco. This would unify the two into one house, though both Houses had existed for much longer. Grimaldi had been founded in the late 1200's, while Orange was created following the death of Jean II d'Orange in 1502 when Grandelumiere took control. In effect, Grimaldi d'Orange is a continuation of both lines, giving it the senior status of both.

The first prince to be entirely from this house was Louis-Marie Matthieu, who would become Prince in 1742. He had been the Prince d'Orange, now the title used by the heir, prior to his position as the head of House.


Land titles

These are a list of titles held with accompanying land

  • Prince de Monaco
  • Prince d'Orange
  • Baron de Sabran

Titres de Courtoisie

These are a list of Courtesy titles held without attached land

  • Prince de Chateau-Porcien
  • Marquis de Baux
  • Comte de Torigni
  • Baron de La Luthumiere

List of Rulers of Monaco

This is a list of all rulers of Monaco from its founding;

  • Francois Grimaldi
  • Rainier I
  • Charles I
  • Rainier II
  • Louis I
  • Jean I
  • Louis II
  • Catalan
  • Claudine
  • Lambarto
  • Jean II
  • Honore I
  • Honore II
  • Charles II
  • Chretien I
  • Hercules
  • Chretien II
  • Chretien III
  • Louis III
  • Chretien IV