Imperial Governesses of the Children of Grandelumiere (sometimes named Governess of the Imperial Children) are in charge of the young Imperials and are charged with their education and upbringing. The office is usually filled by the high ranking nobility. It is one of the positions of the Imperial Household.

The following list is a list of those who have served as Imperial Governess;

  • Marie Angelique de Penthievre, Madame la Comtesse (1561-1598)
  • Anne-Sophie d'Eu, Comtesse d'Artois (1598-1613)
  • Marie-Gabrielle-Genevieve de Montpensier, Duchesse de Bourbon (1613-1630)
  • Marie Lucie de Valois, Duchesse d'Orleans (1630-1647)
  • Louise Marie de Bretagne, Princesse de Bretagne (1647-1769)
  • Marie-Henriette de Nassau, Marquise de La Sarre (1669-1684)
  • Elisabeth Josephe de Vendome, Marquise de Vendome (1684-1710)
  • Yolande Josephe de Valois, Comtesse du Bar (1710-1741)
  • Sarah Amelie d'Utrecht, Marquise d'Overstricht (1741-1755)
  • Elisabeth Sophie de Bretagne, Madame la Duchesse (1755-1768)
  • Celeste Athenais de Nassau, Duchesse de Lorraine (1768-1770)
  • Isabelle Eloise de Normandie, Duchesse de Normandie (1770-Present)