Aster Velsterouge was a charismatic French assassin hired by Louis XI due to his phenomenal record in the French underworld and foreign rulers. Originally working secretly within the Sun Emperor's shadow, he was later promoted to Imperial Guard for his outstanding service and dedication. Often, Aster was looked down upon in the court due to the rarity that he wore a powdered wig, his previous occupation, his nonchalant attitude, and his use of an Anubis Mask. Gradually, however, his charismatic appeal allowed him to befriend a small group of nobles who referred to him as simply "Daisy", acting as a servant for them. Because of this, he was able to befriend the Sun Emperor himself.

His charisma had ultimately become his downfall, and in 1734, Aster had an affair with Her Imperial Highness, Madame Premiere Amelie Eloise. The Emperor, Louis XI became livid at this and gave responsibility of the punishment to Amelie's husband, Seigneur de Nassau, Jean-Joseph. Calmly taking into account Aster's ability and dedication, Jean-Joseph sent Aster with the impossible task of eliminating the Hale bloodline, a corrupt and power-hungry family who had taken House Bourbon. All believed Jean-Joseph foolish for allowing him to leave the court with such a charge. All believed Aster to have run off freely, but it became known that Aster had successfully eliminated all prominent Hale figures. His death occurred after the assassination of Connor Hale, the head of Hale bloodline. Given this new revelation, the court understood his undying loyalty and some softened their harsh thoughts on him.

Following this, Aster became a known as hero to the common people and underworld of Grandelumiere, who took his existence as an infamous legend and story about who's sheer dedication and ability allowed him to rise among the nobility, dubbed "the flower guard":

Children, children, we must serve the Her Majesty and the nobility as they are the ones who keep order. Follow the example of the flower guard, who followed the Sun Emperor's wishes and served the Empire to the end. However, show higher control than the flower guard, who paid with his life at the lack of self-control. Stay within your rank and bow lovingly to the nobles. They are there to keep us safe and will do so if we follow with our hearts.
Within the court, Aster became a sigil of notoriety. Although nobles have mixed feelings to his existence, all concur that he was a criminal who served his Empire to the death.