Jacques d'Utrecht (15th September 1728-1744) was a Grandelumierian Nobleman and a son of Celeste d'Utrecht.

Reign of Louis XI

Jacques was born on September 15th, 1728 in the Chateau d'Amersfoort to Celeste d'Utrecht and her husband, Jean d'Eindhoven. He was baptised aged 7 as was the tradition of the nobility. Jacques in his early years was mostly spent inside the Chateau with his sister either messing up the kitchen or running down the halls. But when Jacques was, in his later teenage years, usually out hunting with his father in the surrounding wood.

Jacques' life at court was a complicated time. He had struggled with his sister having a time of difficulty with her, being frustrated of how fast she was growing in power. Jacques was also struggling with finding a wife from the courtiers.

Jacques' family life was complicated. In his family life he had "bumped" into his cousin quite a lot, probably aiming to go to the same places. His cousin and himself had a closer friendship than he had with his sister. It was lewdly rumoured he had sex with his sister. But, as Cardinal Lorraine had always said, "Every rumour has a little bit of truth in it." 

Regency of Sophie

As Jacques grew older he had made new friends. He had usually received a lot of letters. His cousin had much liked him as he liked his cousin. Jacques had grown to 16 years old. He had been accepted as the secretary to the Chancellor of Labour. Recieving a letter from the Chancellor of Labour stating;

"Jacques, You have great knowledge on this kind of category, I am writing back to you to announce the acception of your application."
Once accepted was finished he had continued Court life. He had more warm welcomes. He had usually taken his cousin, Louis Francois on small trips to his Chateau. However, he'd soon die from dropsy a few months later in September of 1744, days after his birthday.

Titles and Styles

  • 15th September 1728 - 23rd September 1744 Seigneur d'Utrecht