Jean-Charles is a Grandelumierian nobleman and officer. He is known for his military career and undying loyalty to the Empire and Emperor.

Reign of Louis XI


Jean-Charles was born to the Duc de Montpensier in 1725. He was made the Comte de Cahors by his father soon after. Jean-Charles at the young of 8, took an interest in swordplay, this would prove to be one of his greatest strengths in years to come. Jean-Charles would have a very clear future within the military, therefore his father, Louis Henri sent him to Saint Michael's officer academy in Dijon, his teachers praised him for his creativity and his fast learning.


Jean-Charles would also take an interest in philosophy, the ideas he read would later help him create his own philosophy. Besides his interests, Jean-Charles joined the military in 1741, he was made a Capitaine due to his scholarship in Saint Michael's. and joined the Imperial Guard. The commander of the Imperial Guard later then promoted him to the rank of Regimental Executive Officer, despite his young age.

Battle of Normandy

Jean took part in the Battle of Normandy on the Burgundian side, he was lucky to survive it however and received a scar on his cheek.

Battle of Raeran

Jean-Charles was present at the Battle of Raeran, it's rumored that he had shot a man off horseback at Raeran, however he himself could never be sure. Jean-Charles at the end of the Battle of Raeran would be awarded the Order of Saint-Michael the Archangel.

The Montpensier Scandal

Jean Charles after having a hunting accident was rested at Paris until his own Imperial Guards entered in and said he was under arrest due to his father being arrested of treason. Jean-Charles didn't seem to resist arrest like many of his family members did, instead he simply applied and was stripped of his titles and taken to an Imperial Prison. Jean began to hate his own father and simply despised him and his older brother. Jean is also to have said that he hoped for the future of Grandelumiere while in prison.