Josephe Amelie (15th August 1725 - 14th December 1752) was a Grandelumierian noblewoman and a member of House Vendome.

Reign of Louis XI - Madame de Landau

Josephe was born on 15th August, 1729, to the Seigneur and Dame de Landau. Her parents unfortunately died young of consumption. She was mainly raised and under the protection of her first cousin once removed, Cardinal Jean Baptiste. He trusted Marie Claudine and she in bringing up her siblings.  

Josephe was educated in all the necessities given to a young lady of the time. She took much pleasure in small vanities such as clothes and headdresses. Josephe also adored the scandalous act of smuggling racy novels into her protectors home. Above this she adored singing and was taught well by her protectors sister, Marie Claudine. Josephe would become a natural and was granted praise at Court when she once performed for Louis XI and his daughters during a Sunday salon in 1737. Madame Cinquieme called her singing:

"Pleasant enough"

Rare praise indeed. But how could this have been true for the foolish and selfish Madame Cinquieme would pretend to wince and cover her ears at the back of the room, hoping to distract the poor Josephe.

Regency of Sophie - Comtesse de Blois.

Now aged 17, Josephe decided to ditch the silly acts that she had done as a young teenager. She became quite devout in her Catholic faith, often visiting various cathedrals around the Empire.

During a rebellion in the early 1740's she retreated to the family chateau with her sister and brother before she could be imprisoned by the mobs, unlike her protector Jean Baptiste and his sister, Marie Claudine (then Comtesse de Landau).

After the rebellion she became an avid letter writer and one who's information would prove useful in years to come. Her correspondences were many and ranging from higher and lower nobles. From this once can conclude that Josephe was without prejudice and very open to new ideas of enlightenment and social reform.

In 1744, she was informed to engage to marry Jacques Charles de Grandelumiere, Monsieur d'Aquitaine. Their marraige would take place at Chartres Cathedral, on the 18th of November, 1745. She was announced as pregnant within the week.



  • Louise Philippine, Comtesse de Blois (20th August 1746-24th November 1767)
  • Marie Elisabeth, Madame de Blois (20th August 1746-18th January 1769)
  • Pope Nicholas VI (2nd September 1747-Present)
  • François Antoine, Comte de Blois (27th July 1748-Present)
  • Louis Charles, Monsieur de Blois (16th June 1750-Present)
  • Marie Caroline, Madame de Blois (22 May 1751-11th December 1752)
  • Marie Valerie, Madame de Blois (9th November 1752-Present)

Titles and Styles.

-15th August 1717 - 8th September 1732 Madame de Landau.

-8th September 1732 - Present Comtesse de Blois