This is a list of salaries paid to citizens of the Empire who hold various positions from Imperial Household to State government to citizens and soldiers.

Court Pensions

This is a list of payments made to family of the Sovereign, who make their living from state pensions;

Position Payment
Empress Dowager 250,000
Monsieur le Dauphin 300,000
Monsieur 250,000
Fils de Grandelumiere 200,000
Petit Fils de Grandelumiere 20,000
Prince du Sang 3,000

Imperial Household

This is a list of payments made, by the Crown, to those employed in the Household;

Position Payment
Grand Master of the Court 11,000
Grand Almoner of the Court 10,500
Grand Chamberlain of the Court 10,000
Lady-of-Honour to the Empress 10,000
Grand Provost of the Court 8,500
Grand Equerry of the Court 7,500
Governess to the Imperial Children 7,500
Maitresse-en-Titre 7,500
First Gentleman to the Court 7,000
Grand Cupbearer of the Court 6,500
Grand Carver of the Court 6,500
Gentlemen to the Court 6,500
Superintendant of the Emperors Music 6,000
Almoners to the Imperial Family 5,000
Ladies-in-Waiting to the Empress 5,000
Lds-in-Wtng to Mme. la Dauphine 4,000
Ladies-in-Waiting to Madame 3,000
Lds-in-Wtng to Mme. de Bretagne 2,000


Position Payment
Imperial Archchancellor 10,000
Chancellor of Justice 8,000
Chancellor of Finance 8,000
Chancellor of Defence 7,000
Chancellor of Foreign Affairs 7,000
Chancellor of Court 6,000
Chancellor of Labour 6,000
Crown Cardinal 10,000

Military Positions

Position Payment
Grand Marshal/admiral 1,000
Army/navy HC 900
Army/navy HR 800
Army/navy MR 200
Army/navy LR 90

Imperial Staff

Position Payment
Steward 120
Head House Maids 110
Head Cook 100
Servants 90
Footmen 90
Maids 90
Cooks 90