Louis Gabriel (June 23, 1723 - present) is a Grandelumierian nobleman. He is the fourth child of the

current Madame la Princesse, Marie Eloise Seraphine and the current Monsieur le Prince, Jean Fernand.

Early Life

Louis Gabriel was born at Louvre Palais on the 23 of June, 1724. As he was the fourth child of Madame la Princesse and Monsieur le Prince, he received the title of Comte d’Eu at birth. His studies were done at home. His favorite studies would become math, science, and theater. He was known to practice certain parts when he was alone. He excelled in Math and science though he would sneak out of other studies to go horseback riding along the countryside. When he was caught he got pure disappointment, which hurt him as deeply as anything else. He then tried to work harder on the studies that bored him, which proved his intelligence.

The family has always been close, the parents tried to visit the private residents as much possible, thought it wasn't often they could. Due to the parents needing to attend court. Though there was empty seats at the table, he got along with his brothers and sister nicely. On the rare occasion of arguments they lasted but a few minutes. They were spending lots of time working on their studies together, coming up with music and skits. His brothers and sisters were a lover of the outdoors as well as himself. Though he hasn't found truly what he was best in, he enjoyed he life he had even if he got showed up by his sister. The youngest sister died in 1727 at the age of three, making him the youngest.