Louise Antionette (June 24th,1714-1756) is the wife of the Duc d'Aquitaine, herself now Duchesse. She is the niece of Cardinal Etienne de Nassau de Lorraine, and sister of Jean Joseph, Duc de Luxembourg, and Marie Charlotte, Princesse de Bourgogne.

Reign of Louis XI - Dame de Nassau

Louise was born on the day of June 24th, 1714. Her parents were pleased with her arrival, but none-more-so than her great-great-granduncle, the Cardinal Vosges. He viewed her birth as the beginning of another possible alliance for the House of Nassau, and a method of gaining further favour. However, the Cardinal would die only a few months after her birth, and would never see her engaged.

Growing up, her nursemaids would describe her as upbeat, and a cheerful girl. She did have a shy side to her, as many children do, it was noted. She would retain this shy demeanour for much of her life into adulthood.

During her childhood, by 1721, she was studying under the tutor, abbe La Rochelle, who overseen the majority of her studies. Louise learnt Latin, French, English, writing, music (both harp and violin), dancing and singing. The abbe was particularly happy with her writing skills, which she was known to enjoy. She wrote many letters during her early years to various correspondents.

Her uncle, the Cardinal Etienne de Lorraine, would soon have the Sun-Emperor himself consider her for marriage to his son, the Duc d'Aquitaine. By 1725, he accepted the Cardinals offer and she was informed that she was to marry the son of the Emperor. She would be nervous, and excited at this, commenting such to her maid. The young girl was quickly prepared and packed to move to court. She was introduced to her fiance at the Chateau Saint-Etienne. The two would get along well it would be reported, and would marry in due fashion.

When the smallpox outbreak and illness of the Emperor struck the nation, Louise would manage to avoid any illness.

Regency of Sophie - Duchesse d'Aquitaine

During the Regency of Sophie, Louise would live quietly and often spent time visiting the countryside on trips about the state while her husband increasingly involved himself in affairs of state. These years were mostly uneventful for Louise. Most of the time that was not spent on trips, was spent attending fashionable salons and writing letters, which she enjoyed, with various correspondents.

She was present at the execution of her uncle, Cardinal Lorraine. He would be burnt at the stake for embezzlement.

Reign of Louis XI - Duchesse d'Aquitaine


With her husband, Charle Philippe, she has had 3 children;