Court of Louis XI

Maximilien Honore was born on August 19th, 1719, he has 2 living relatives, but he was the eldest son of Abel Edouard de Montauban and Anne Marugerite. As a child he showed a strong interest in both Roman Catholicism and Grandelumiere, which he still has to date. He showed extreme promise to his father, Abel, who he took after in many ways. His physical capability matched his father's when he was 19, Abel was already stronger than most, his eyes were the same, and practically every other feature was the same expect for his mercilessness. His father passed away when Maximilien was 23, leaving him as the Baron de Montauban. His primary concern was funding, which he received via 3 successful businesses around age 26, he then put the money to use by preparing mass graves and then had his House Guard round up the Protestant population. In 1744, Maximilien joined the Imperial Guard and became an officer in the Imperial Army, he also asked His Majesty for permission to eliminate the Protestant population of Montauban. This earned him the nickname of the "Grim Baron" by his civilian population. He attended Court with His Majesty as his guard, Maximilien seemed to not care for titles but rather watched what they said and how they acted. Maximilien has been never caught off guard while on duty, and likely will never be.

Titles and Styles

-Seigneur de Montauban, August 19th, 1719-1740

-Baron de Montauban 1740-Present

-Regimental Executive Officer of the Imperial Guard, Lieutenant of the Imperial Army 1744-Present