Coat of arms of Lowell-Burgundy

The Monarchs of Grandelumiere were descendants of Lord Charles Lowell (Lowell-Burgundy after his ascention to Burgundy) who became the first king of Grandelumiere. The Kingdom of Grandelumiere evolved over time and expanded, becoming the Empire of the modern time.

Sovereign(s) Birth Reign Relation to predecessor Notes
Charles I 1326 1361-1378 None (nation founded) Founded the Kingdom of Grandelumiere following the death of the Duke of Burgundy.
Louis I 1347 1378-1391 Son of the above
Marie I & Louis II 1371 & 1368 1391-1434 Marie I was daughter of Louis I
Charles II 1388 1434-1441 Son of the above Reformed the Kingdom into the Empire of Grandelumiere following the acquisition of several territories.
Marie II & Louis III 1401 & 1400 1441-1465 Daughter of the above
Elisabeth & Charles III 1412 & 1410 1465-1468 Sister of Marie II Paris is conquered in her reign, and oldest age at ascension, being 53.
Philippe I 1419 1468-1476 1st cousin of the above France is defeated in several battles. Papal support encourages the Holy Roman Empire to assist.
Louis IV 1455 1476-1493 Grandson of the above
Louis V 1471 1493-1499 Son of the above France is conquered and acquired into the Imperial domain. He was assassinated by his daughter.
Marie III & Francois 1485 & 1484 1499-1512 Daughter of the above Her Reign marks the beginning of the Century of Death, a period of extreme political instability and family infighting.
Henri 1501 1512-1534 Son of the above Was murdered by his brother, Charles IV.
Charles IV 1503 1534-1535 Brother of the above Was strangled by guards of his nephew, Louis VI.
Louis VI 1519 1535-1542 Nephew of the above Unlike Marie III, Henri and Charles IV, Louis VI was pro-Protestant and executed Catholic Clergy.
Marie IV & Philippe II 1520 & 1517 1542-1558 Sister of the above Immediately undone the work of her brother, executing thousands of Protestants.
Marie V 1549 1558-1562 Daughter of the above Died aged 13, never ruled personally. Louis VII served as Regent throughout her reign. Was poisoned by Louis VII.
Louis VII 1531 1562-1593 1st cousin once removed of the above Was also a Roman Catholic Cardinal at the time of his accession. Beheaded by his nephew.
Louis VIII 1553 1593-1608 Nephew of the above His death marks the end of the Century of Death.
Louis IX 1569 1608-1609 Son of the above Shortest ruling sovereign, from November 1608-January 1609.
Charles V 1603 1609-1645 Grandson of the above
Anne & Charles VI 1627 & 1626 1645-1657 Daughter of the above
Charles VII 1642 1657-1692 Son of the above
Louis X 1676 1692-1695 Grandson of the above
Louis XI 1691 1695-1767 Son of the above Youngest monarch ascension being 3 and longest ruling, from August 1695-December 1767.
Louis XII 1729 1767-1769 Grandson of the above First monarch to die at the hands of his own people.
Louis XIII 1745 1769-1770 Son of the above Last sovereign to die at the hands of his own people.
Charles VIII 1749 1770-1771 Brother of the above Catholic Cardinal, poisoned by his uncle.
Louis XIV 1730 1771-Present Uncle of the above Catholic Cardinal.